About Us

The Tamil Learning Centre, Crawley was started in 2006. Our motto is to enlighten the Tamil language, art, culture, games and morals for Tamil speaking people and all others, who are willing to be motivated and close to the Crawley neighbourhood. In addition to teaching the Tamil morals, we help the people affected by war and natural calamities around the world.

Tamil is one of the ancient, unique and classical language. We pride ourselves in teaching such a classical language in our school, across different levels from Nursery to Year 12. Also, our school acts as an exam centre for the Tamil exams.

We follow the Tamil Education Development Council curriculum (TEDC). Around the world 70,000 students in 14 countries, and in Britain alone 8000 students in 90 schools are benefitted bythe Tamil Education Development Council curriculum. Their exam board offers up to diploma level of education (DTL).